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Alan Quaterkrab is the late maternal uncle of Eugene H. Krabs and his unknown sister. He appears in a portrait in SpongeBob Comics No. 28, during the comic story "The Curse of King Krabbe."


He looks quite similar to his nephew and many other crabs, as Alan is a triangular-shaped crab with the addition of a mustache and goatee. The only instance of his appearance is in sepia-tone. He is shown to have worn a safari suit with the jacket sleeves rolled up paired with a belt and sash, and seems to have been wearing what looks like a pair of black boots.


Alan was born to unknown parents, one of which might have been Mr. Krabs' grandma. He possibly had a sister named Betsy.

Later in his adult life, he would to become an adventurer. According to Mr. Krabs, his uncle spent his life exploring the ocean, searching for treasure, but found almost nothing of value except for a map.

Seemingly having never married and without children, Alan died at some point before the series began, leaving all of his belongings to his nephew.


  • He was possibly the brother of Betsy Krabs, due to the fact that he had a different last name than his nephew and his assumed sister taking her husband's name.
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