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"Ahhhh" (also known as "The Scare Song") is a song sung by the Flying Dutchman's ghost pirates in the episode "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom." It is played when the Flying Dutchman attempts to scare SpongeBob and Patrick with his ghostly pirate crew.


Flying Dutchman's ghost pirates: When you hear the lonesome ring of chimes
That bring the spirits singing
Soon your spine is tingling
And there's just one thing to say, ahh!
Eyeballs in the dark dilating
Now your heart is palpitating
and there's only just one thought that you can convey. [They all scream.]
Terror all around you! You can't get away!
We take pride in making sure you have a frightful stay.
Join the wretched chorus in the nightmare play,
And remember it's all you can scream at the ghost café.
[musical interlude]
Terror all around you and we've just begun.
You'll be trembling helpless lump of fear when we are done.
Grim unearthly creatures flaunting nauseating features make for ghastly midnight screechers,
You'll be speechless but for Ahh!
Surrender to the horrifying phantom freaks
Who death-defying stunts of fearful madness
Startle with a shocking interjection
From which there is no protection! [all wail] Boo!