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|appearance = "[[The Whole Tooth]]"
|appearance = "[[The Whole Tooth]]"
'''Agnes '''is the nurse at [[Bikini Bottom Dentist's Office]]. She seems nice but also a bit bored of her job.
'''Agnes '''is the nurse at [[Bikini Bottom Dentist's Office]].

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Agnes is the nurse at Bikini Bottom Dentist's Office.


Agnes wears a long white dress, and is purple with light purple lips. Her eyes are black, and she has blonde hair with a nurse's cap on her head.


Not much is known about Agnes, but she is presumably the nurse from "The Whole Tooth." She works at the Bikini Bottom Dentist's Office.

Role in episode

Agnes tells Patrick that they're ready for him now in an ominous manner and takes him to his chair, telling him to sit there and that Dr. Mundane, the dentist, would be with him shortly. She is not seen again for the rest of the episode, but she is mentioned by Dr. Mundane when he tells her to turn down the radio.
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