The Adult Learning Center is a school located in Bikini Bottom. It appears in the episode "Artist Unknown" and the online game Plankton's Krusty Bottom Weekly. This is a school where SpongeBob and other Bikini Bottomites go to for art or cooking class.




It is a light brown and pink building with five blowhorns and the building appears to be two things: the upper half of a barrel and a can. There is a sign on the front that shows the name of the building in red text and outside there is a bike rack.


The inside of the building features a classroom with wooden floors and green metal walls. There is the teacher's desk toward the front of the classroom with a chalkboard behind the desk. There are multiple desks within the classroom, and paintings along the walls of the classroom. There are also art easels and sculptures along the sides of the room and are spotlights coming from the ceiling.

Role in series

This is the main setting of the episode "Artist Unknown." Squidward teaches an art class in it, where he teaches SpongeBob.

It is also one of the locations the player can visit to take pictures in the online game Plankton's Krusty Bottom Weekly.

Associated characters

  • Squidward Tentacles - Art Teacher (temporary)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Art Student (temporary)
  • Trash collector - Janitor
  • Other Bikini Bottomites - Cooking class students


  • "The String"- It was presumably destroyed when SpongeBob unraveled all of Bikini Bottom and the Milky Way with the string.
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