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If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see "The Abrasive Side."

The Abrasive Sponge is the abrasive side that SpongeBob acquires in the episode "The Abrasive Side" to give negative answers.


The Abrasive Sponge is green and adhesive, on top of having a nasty personality that throws negative remarks at everything it encounters. It is primarily used to turn away others at undesirable circumstances.

Role in episode

When Patrick sees that SpongeBob is helping everyone, he advises SpongeBob to at least reject unreasonable requests. SpongeBob goes to his house and starts crying until Gary buys him one. Throughout the episode, the Abrasive Sponge upsets everyone with its monstrous insults until SpongeBob gets Sandy to remove it.

At the end of the episode, SpongeBob's grandmother puts on an abrasive sponge, which angrily chastises him per usual, much to his chagrin.


  • Squidward is the only character who liked the abrasive side, as he is used to nasty remarks and dislikes SpongeBob's naive personality.
  • It is based on the hard side of real-life kitchen sponges that clears tougher stains with more efficiency.