The abominable snow mollusk is a monster who appears in the episode "Frozen Face Off," the online games SpongeBob's Big Adventures and SpongeBob's Next Big Adventures, and the comic SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018.


The abominable snow mollusk has a grayish-white body with tentacles serving as arms and legs, fur around his/her neck, fin-like ears, sharp teeth, and yellow eyes. Unlike other monsters shown in the series, it is animated with stop-motion animation.

Role in episode

When first seeing the monster, the group runs from her on sight and hides in a cave. It is here Mr. Krabs reveals what it is to SpongeBob, who is shocked it is actually real. Mr. Krabs mentions that he once encountered the abominable snow mollusk in his past and that he and his crew were eaten by the creature. They had to "wait for nature to take its course" in order to escape her stomach.

When SpongeBob and the gang escape the abominable snow mollusk, she gets a taste of Patrick's last gooey worm. It is then that the monster earns a craving for sweets and continues its chase.

When the gang encounters the monster again at the end of the episode, she arrives in Bikini Bottom and eats the jelly beans in Patrick's pocket. It then eats Plankton, thinking he is a jelly bean. Just like Mr. Krabs, Plankton has to "wait for nature to take its course" in order to escape the creature's stomach.


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