A #1 Wreckers is a car junkyard where the employees destroy cars to make new metal. It appears in the episode "A Life in a Day."



It is a large junkyard that has many wrecked cars in it. The sign is reddish orange and hangs right over the front gate, reading "A#1 Wreckers" in large black writing. It is a scrapheap, in other words. The fence is made of red bricks and bamboo.

They destroy the cars by having them travel on a conveyor belt. The cars are then crushed, ground, burnt, punched, and shot with a laser.

Role in episode

Patrick goes to this place to show SpongeBob that he is tough like Larry the Lobster. He gets in one of the cars on the conveyor belt and gets crushed in the process, much to SpongeBob's disturbance.

Associated characters

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