A Cut Above is a barber shop that Squidward visits to receive head polishings. It appears in the comic Stylin' Sponge.



The store resembles a green cube with curvy edges. It has a barber pole attached to it, a curvy purple door with a doorstep, and two curvy windows. Above the door is a rectangular sign with the store's name displayed in a curved font.

Inside, the floor is gray and light purple, and there are walls colored yellow, orange, white, and lavender. There are green chairs for customers to sit on, and these chairs have gray hood dryers above them so that customers can dry their hair.

Role in comic

Squidward travels here for his monthly head polishing, and meets SpongeBob and Patrick inside. He asks what the two are doing here, and SpongeBob replies that he's getting a new hairdo. Squidward states that SpongeBob doesn't have any hair for a hairdo, but is ignored as the hairdresser gets ready to reveal the hairdo. Patrick and Squidward are amazed at SpongeBob's hairdo, which the reader has to draw and name.


  • The shop's name is a reference to the phrase "a cut above the rest."


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