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The 4,132 twins[1] are characters that appear in the PC game Employee of the Month.


The 4,132 twins are generic faded blue anchovies with red eyelids and wear long-sleeved red T-shirts and light brown boots with faded blue pants.

Role in video game

Throughout the game, SpongeBob encounters members of these twins once per chapter and can talk to them. SpongeBob is increasingly annoyed, confused, and frustrated by them not recognizing him, despite him thinking he met them before. In the last chapter, it is revealed that they are thousands of identical brothers, and that SpongeBob met a different one each time throughout his adventure.

Appearances of the Twins


  • Only four of the twins appear outside of the ending cutscene.
  • Three of the twins have confirmed names: Petro, Leonard, and Ryan.[1]


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