"2019 Kids' Choice Awards short" is a SpongeBob SquarePants Kids' Choice Awards short. In this short, SpongeBob wins a Nickelodeon blimp, but he and Patrick do not know what one is.



A Nickelodeon blimp falls from above the surface and hits Patrick on the head. He thinks it is a sandwich and tries to inhale it. SpongeBob tells him that it is obviously a "visitor from beyond," and he asks it to tell its secrets. A megaphone emerges from inside, and the French Narrator announces several winners of the 2019 Kids' Choice Awards. SpongeBob is confused, as he does not understand who the celebrities are. Patrick says that he does not understand either, and then eats the blimp.


The short was created at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio by Kurt Snyder.[1] Snyder said that he was given "a ton of freedom on it," with the exception of the 25-second run time. He handled both the storyboarding and the flash animation.[2]



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