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スポンジ・ボブ (Suponji Bobu, pronounced Supongey Bobbu and also known as スポンジボブ ズボンは四角) is the Japanese dub of SpongeBob SquarePants. There are two dubs of the show. The first dub is season 1-season 3, and the current dub is season 4-present. It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants.

Character translations

Voice cast

  • SpongeBob: Hiroyuki Tsuru (seasons 1-3), Taiki Matsuno (season 4-current)
  • Patrick: Ikuko Tani (seasons 1-8), Takashi Nagasako (first movie), Mitsuaki Kanuka (second movie-present)
  • Squidward: Rokurō Naya (seasons 1-8, until his death in 2014), Yōji Ueda (second movie-present)
  • Mrs. Puff: Ikuko Tani (seasons 1-8), Rie Takahashi (seasons 9-present)
  • Mr. Krabs: Keijin Okuda
  • Pearl: Ikuko Tani (seasons 1-8), Rie Takahashi (seasons 9-present)
  • Karen: Ikuko Tani (seasons 1-8), Rie Takahashi (seasons 9-present)
  • Plankton: Yūko Ogiso (seasons 1-3), Yuichi Nagashima (first movie), Chie Matsuura (second half of season 3-present)
  • Sandy: Yūko Ogiso (seasons 1-3), Chie Matsuura (second half of season 3-present)
  • Patchy: Keijin Okuda (seasons 1-3), Hidekatsu Shibata (seasons 4-present)


  • Squidward's name is changed to Ikarudo, which is a portmanteau of ika (squid in Japanese) and the Japanese spelling of Edward.
    • Likewise, Squilliam is now Ikarimu, which is a portmanteau of ika and the Japanese spelling of William.
  • Bikini Bottom is called ビキニタウン (Bikini Taun).
  • Patrick, Plankton, and Bubble Bass are voiced by a female voice actor and not a male voice actor.
  • For the second dub, the theme song is in a higher key.
  • The Krusty Krab is renamed カニカーニ (Kanikāni).
  • Krabby Patties are renamed カーニバーガー (Kānibāgā) or "Crab Burger."




2011 McD Japan SpongeBob

SpongeBob Japan Happy Meals

  • Patrick, Plankton, Mermaid Man, and Barnacle Boy are given female voice actors in the series.
    • However, in season 9 and onwards, Patrick sounds more masculine than before.
    • Bubble Bass was voiced by a woman in his debut, but in his next speaking appearance, he was voiced by a man.
  • Mr. Krabs is called "Kani-san" in the dub. "Kani" is Japanese for "crab," and "-san" is a suffix attached to the end of a person to refer to them in a formal way in Japan.
  • Likewise, Ms. Puff's Japanese name, "Puff-sensei," has the suffix "-sensei," which is attached to the end of a teacher's name to refer to them formally in Japan.
  • The Japanese version used to air on Nickelodeon's Japanese broadcasting station, but it was later shut down on September 30, 2009 (the same day Nickelodeon changed their logo), due to declining viewership, meaning that it moved to the Japanese MTV, and NHK, however, Viacom confirmed that Nickelodeon Japan will return in subscription form in the first quarter of 2018, and SpongeBob began airing on the channel there.
  • "Big Pink Loser" and "The Great Snail Race" Japanese titles both have the term "Ganbare," which means "go for it." Both, especially The Great Snail Race, titles could be a reference to the Konami video game series Ganbare Goemon.
  • In the second dub, the ending theme, instead of being the usual one that is used in other dubs, is a song made by Japanese hip-hop group Rip Slyme.
    • Airings of Season 11 instead use a song made by the Japanese musical group "Boys and Men" named One Way.[1]
  • A Japanese advertisement for SpongeBob Happy Meal toys in McDonald's Japan became an internet meme because the commercial stars some kids who try some toys and have bizarre reactions.



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