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باب اسفنجی (Baab Esfanji) is the title of many Persian dubs of SpongeBob SquarePants. The Persian version has many different dubs, from seven different channels, all unique in their own way. It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants.

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The episodes of the show have many differences in them across the multiple versions. Most of the songs used in the episodes are mostly replaced with Persian music, and the music and effects of the episodes are either from the English dub or completely custom instrumentals, for example, in the intro.


  • The version that airs on Utoon is the IRIB Pooya version, except the intro is replaced with a music video called "Govahinameye Esfanji", Along with that the IRIB Pooya dub is the PSiM dub.
  • Red Mist Squidward from "SpongeBob in RandomLand" is kept intact in this dub.
  • The image of Squidward on the logo is reused from the Tide and Seek DVD cover.
  • The voice actor for Squidward Tentacles in the Persian dub changed during some airings. The original voice actor of Squidward Tentacles in the Persian dub was later used for Bubble Bass, and the new voice actor for him in the Persian dub was the Persian voice actor of SpongeBob SquarePants.[1]
  • The name of the setting of the show, Bikini Bottom, was often censored in the IRIB airings, because wearing bikini is offensive for Muslims in Iran, but the DVD releases retained the name, and for the first film, it was dubbed to Mayoe-kenar (مایوکنار).
    • Sandy's indoor wear and the Bikini Bottomite's bikinis are also replaced with regular dresses and clothing, or often zoomed in on the face or other minor characters, or blurring the bikinis

      The one on the left is the original dub, the one on the right is the Persian dub.

  • There was an incomplete movie called 'SpongeBob in Tehran' in 2017, which was not licensed by Viacom.
  • Most dubs are illegally made without Nickelodeon nor Viacom's permission and is yet still airing, For example the PSiM dub and the Persian Toon dub. However the dub airs on MBC Persia and the dub that airs on IRIB TV2 is legal.
    • The PSiM dub sometimes uses Nickelodeon US TV rips, They attempt to hide this by covering the TV-Y7 rating with the words TDH (The dvd distributors for that dub)



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