"? Vibes" (alternate titles: "? Vibe"; "?Vibes"; "Gary's Wish Sting"; "Hairblower Sting"; "Memory Returns Sting"; "Mystery Vibe"; "Parick Makes a Snowball"; "Question Sting"; "Sandwich Sting"; "Sniff Sting"; "Think Stings"; "Thinking Sting"; "Thinking Vibe Sting"; "Time Sting"; "Ultimate Prank"; "Vibe Link"; "Vibe Tension"; "Vibraphone Bits and Pieces"; "What the"; "What the Sting"; "What the Vibes") was composed by Nicolas Carr. It features four quick vibraphone notes. It is rarely used now since it has been mostly replaced by "Vibe Q Sting." There are two versions.


Version 1

Version 2


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