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Oceanic Media

Since everyone seemed to enjoy my last creation
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May 2019 premiere week

May 21 -24 , 2019
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Which one is best

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
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• 2d

20th birthday episode

Edit: Edited for spelling error. It’ll be like a Truth or Square 2 (because that was for the 10th anniversary) the only other person I know on here that likes Truth or Square (along with myself, I love the special) is 1guy2plumbers if I’m correct. Truth or Square is besides the point though, here’s the promo!
SpongeBob SquarePants on Instagram: “20 years of #SpongeBob kicks off in July with a special birthday episode! 🐌🎂 Who's ready?”
SpongeBob SquarePants on Instagram: “20 years of #SpongeBob kicks off in July with a special birthday episode! 🐌🎂 Who's ready?” Instagram
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• 2d

Dumped Review

Ahh, what a normal day. I wonder what episode is on TV. *turns on tv* *watches Survival Of The Idiots* Hey, that was pretty good! Now for the second episode. *commercial break ends* *Dumped Title Card* -_- So yeah, this is another review about a somewhat overhated episode. I mean, this episode is on the ScumBob Wikia, and I don’t think it’s ScumBob, not even bad! But it’s still a meh. It’s a decent episode on the downside. There aren’t too many jokes. The only joke I found funny was where Patrick says Gary sounds like a motorboat. It doesn’t really have that ‘classic ring’ to it. When I think of bad episodes from the Golden Era, I think of this and I Was A Teenage Gary. Yeah, I Was A Teenage Gary is worse, but this episode really doesn’t stand out to me. This and Grandma’s Kisses are the reason why Season 2 is my least favorite season from the Golden Era. (Still The 3rd best season)

4.5/10 Worst season 2 episode.
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talk about spongebob's true presentation and improvement.

im gonna need some serious members only to talk about the true presentation about what spongebob is as ive seen that the show is still not improving (my opinion first) and missing lots of things before more episodes still being made till amother downfall occurs

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• 2d

Make A Title Card For Karen's Baby, Mind The Gap, And Dirty Bubble Returns

Most Of The Episodes Were Confirm Today, But Since Nobody Made A Discussion About Make A Title Card For Karen's Baby, Mind The Gap And Dirty Bubble Returns, I Decide To Make This, Post Your Title Card Before The Episode Releases, Someone Title Card Close To The One In Nickelodeon Wins

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What spongebob episodes deserve more hate?

I think i am your biggest fanatic is a bad and underhated episode
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The Paper Review

This episode has a lot of different opinions. I know one person who thinks it’s ScumBob. There’s another person that thinks it good, or amazing, or even legendary, but in my opinion, it’s amazing. The 5th best of the show. Yes, you might be thinking not all the jokes are good and funny. I don’t think so! My favorite part(s) are where SpongeBob imitates animals and the ‘guy with an eyepatch’ impression. I also have a history of this episode, a short one. So one day I was watching Vailiskibum94, and he was talking about The String and it might be a sequel to The Secret Box. In one part he said, “It’s an episode that has the word ‘The’ as the first letter in the title, and the second word is an object. This hasn’t happened many times, except the season 1 episode, The Paper.” Back when I was watching it, (the video not the episode) I didn’t think I had seen this episode before, so I went on Prime Video, and watched it, along with its sister episode, Valentine’s Day. I LOVED both episodes, (No pun intended) and I wanted to watch them again.

So if you don’t wanna read the whole thing, read this:
9.5/10, best amazing episode, 2nd best of season one and 5th best of the whole show.
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I love Patrick Star

Patrick is my favorite character and I love him.
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Make Your Own SpongeBob Breaking News

Someone Has To Make News For Anything About Episodes Confirm, Episodes That U Made Up And Others, Example:

Breaking News: There A New SpongeBob Episode From The Adventures Of SpongeBob SquarePants Called Lighting Lamps/The Sunshine

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• 3d

Breaking News

Nickelodeon still showing on DirecTV
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• 3d

What Episode from Each Season should I do a Review On?

I’ll let you decide but my suggestions are:
1. The Paper (Just did it so now it’s Help Wanted)
2. Dumped
3. The Great Snail Race
4. Squid Wood
5. Roller Cowards
6. Slide Whistle Stooges
7. One Coarse Meal
8. Move It Or Lose It
9. SpongeBob Your Fired
10. Sportz?
11. Ink Lemonade
12. Gary and Spot
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• 5d

20 Underrated SpongeBob Episodes In No Order

20. Mooncation
19. Safe Deposit Krabs
18. Texas
17. Employee of the Month
16. Grandpappy the Pirate
15. Ugh
14. The Paper
13. New Digs
12. The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
11. Chum Bucket Supreme
10. Karen’s Virus
9. Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost
8. Pre-Hibernarion Week
7. The Krusty Plate
6. Sold!
5. Pull up a Barrel
4. Opposite Day
3. Hello Bikini Bottom!
2. Home Sweet Pineapple
1. The Bully
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• 3/21/2019
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• 3/20/2019

Make a song

make the verses rhyme. that's kinda it.

I one had a jar.

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• 3/20/2019

Patchy the Pirate's spinoff series

What do you guys think if Patchy the Pirate had his own spinoff show?

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